Authentic leadership, more than a trend, a must!


I was recently interviewed by Marketing Magazine about 2014 Trends. While we agree with our industry that marketing content and social media will continue to be among the most essential tools, we believe that business success will result mainly from authentic leadership. In fact, without authentic leadership, it is impossible to build performing, solid and sustainable organizations. Here is what I shared with the magazine:

“In 2014, a trend that will have great impact on business value is authentic leadership. Authentic leadership is actually more than a trend. It’s the real deal. An authentic leader is someone who is passionate about their purpose, practices their values consistently, and leads with their heart—and their head. They establish a compelling vision, build meaningful relationships and embrace self-discipline to achieve business results. From a communications perspective, this means that leaders must take time to understand their purpose, learn (yes, learn!) to become compelling storytellers, and frame their experience to inspire trust. In 2014, we envision a new generation of business leader—one who embraces authentic leadership as a way to drive a culture of organizational effectiveness, engagement and long-term sustainability.”

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