Our team - Catherine Chantal-Boivin | CASACOM
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« To tell a good story, you have to start by listening. »

– Catherine Chantal-Boivin, Vice President, Creation

514 286-2145 #228


  1. Bachelor’s degree in journalism, Université du Québec à Montréal (2005–2008)
  2. Journalist, host, and TV feature reporter for RDI, Explora, and V (2010–2017)
  3. Press journalist (2008–2012)

Profile and expertise

Why I love what I do

I’m someone who’s both creative and pragmatic, and it’s a true gift to have a job that allows me to be both. I love that you can start with an idea, a project that exists in the client’s mind, and create a variety of content and implement strategies and hold events and see the idea grow and materialize before your very eyes. Because we work with different clients, I get to learn about a variety of sectors every day, which is really wonderful.


CASACOM is about as far away as you can get from “The Office.” No two days are alike. I love the variety, the energy, and the rush of adrenaline everytime we get to a critical moment for one of our clients. We’re really a tight-knit team at CASACOM. We share the same fundamental belief in respect—towards each other and our clients. We can all count on each other for help and guidance.

What else…

I love learning about other people, at home and in different parts of the world. My happiest moments have been while travelling. From the Philippines to Brazil, from Morocco to Turkey, and from China to Japan, every trip has broadened my horizons and offered new life lessons in the way that people live in different parts of the world.