“Transparency and authenticity are inseparable from PR in 2019.” – Véronique Boileau, VP Communications at Agropur

Véronique Boileau, Vice-President, Communications at Agropur and also a CASACOM client, leads numerous issues head-on. From brand reputation to issues management through internal communication, she oversees several strategic aspects that make her everyday life anything but routine. Veronique has agreed to share her vision, challenges...

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CASAvlog #3 – Nano-influencers

At a time when the power of influencers is no longer to be proven, the smallest players, called nano-influencers, are enjoying tremendous popularity. Catherine Chantal-Boivin, director of STUDIO CASACOM, presents 3 good reasons to do business with them! Curious to learn more about influencer marketing?...

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Avoid joining the “content abyss”

Creating inspiring, different and authentic content for social media can become an impossible mission if you do not ask yourself the right questions right from the ideation. While we must produce quality material, we must also ensure that the right content will be seen at...

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